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XTO Pays $320,000 Fine Over Clean Air Violations At Fort Berthold

XTO Energy, Inc. agreed to pay a $320,000 fine and install vapor control system improvements on its oil and gas storage tanks on the Fort Berthold Reservation, as part of a settlement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Dept. of Justice over violations of the Clean Air Act.

In addition, the company has also agreed to spend $450,000 on an environmental mitigation project, which involves installing and operating auto-gauging equipment on storage tanks, to reduce how often thief hatches are opened.

Upgrades on its tanks will reduce emissions of 2,200 tons of VOCs.

“This settlement will reduce harmful air pollutants, benefiting the health of residents of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation as well as those living in surrounding communities,” said Jeffrey H. Wood, an attorney with the DOJ.

The original complaint stems from Clean Air Act violations at 20 XTO well pads in 2015, where investigators found undersize vapor control systems as well as inadequate maintenance.